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Personal Care Professionals (a preferred provider and affiliate of Dr. James Andrews) is a renowned multi-discipline, sports medicine, rehabilitation and wellness facility, specializing in all musculoskeletal injuries. Our spa-like concierge style facilities allow us to provide the highest level of care and treatment.





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"Feel so much better following the treatment at this modern office by the amazing team of experts. Thank you!"

Marina M

This is my new and by far favorite go to place. My back as well as the entire body is tremendously better than it was a week ago, before two sessions with the real Pros at the center. Being from a professional medical services background I always know when people know what they’re doing, and at the Personal Care Professionals they certainly do. Looking forward to my next appointment!"

Kayta Dorfman

"Cryotherapy is really helping my recovery. I appreciated the care and concern I was treated with!"

Anne-Marie Principe



Our Address

935 River Rd

Edgewater, NJ 07020 \\ Tel: (201) 773-4644

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday  10:30AM – 7:30PM

Saturday - 11AM – 3:30PM

Sunday - Closed

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