Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the major services which Personal Care Professionals offers to the New Jersey area. Our doctor works closely with patients to help them improve their movement potential and gain a healthier and more complete way of life. Our physical therapists help people of all ages gain better movement, read more about our PTs below.

If you have been suffering from an illness, a medical problem or an injury which is limiting your movement capabilities then it is time to come and see our Los Angeles physical therapist. The core of our physical therapy treatment relays on a strong understanding of the patient’s needs and goals. Our physiotherapists will work closely with you to diagnose the condition which causes your impaired movement and then treat it in a way which will fit both your body’s ability to health itself and your wishes to get healthier.

The Physical Therapy Examination

A physical therapy examination is commonly required by our physical therapists. This examination is needed in order to allow for a complete and accurate diagnosis of our patients. The physical therapy exam may include imaging and laboratory tests. A physical examination of the patient is also performed to help pinpoint any movement impairments.

Physical Rehabilitation Therapists

The physical rehabilitation therapists at Personal Care Professionals offer a complete injury rehabilitation program. Many of our patients in the Tri-state area who have suffered from a car accident or a work accident come to us to aid them with movement related problems.

As part of the physical therapy rehabilitation program we offer patients can expect:

Specific exercises – to help gain better movement and prevent the loss of mobility.
Manual therapy – Utilization of chiropractic techniques to improve movement.
Education – Learning more about your specific condition and how to help getting better.
Manipulation of body joints
Fitness and wellness-oriented programs
Pediatric and Sports physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an integral part of sports and pediatric care. Both athletes and children require a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. For this reason our sports physical therapy and pediatric physical therapy programs have been created. Our PTs have years of experience in helping athletes and children overcome injuries and condition themselves to live with healthy physical therapy exercises plans.

If your child has been experiencing movement problems then it is time to come to our physical therapy clinics in Fair Lawn and Edge Water and start working on achieving a better motoric ability without pain.

Visit your Physical Therapist

Taking care of any movement problem is important. Even if you are experiencing minor pains or minor movement limitations it is necessary to think about physiotherapy as a good way to help your body get better.

The Personal Care Professionals PTs have been providing Tri-State are patients with physical therapy exercises, treatments and education for years. It is important to never neglect any physical problem which you are suffering from, no matter how small it appears to be. Come visit our doctors and see how physical therapy can help you.