MET Barriers, Cuboid Mobilizations, and Running Injuries

Inner Circle Update

Wow, I’m actually excited to say that the launch of my new Inner Circle program officially crashed my website here at! I received a message from my host that the website was using too many resources on the server and was temporarily shut down! Sorry for those that may have had issues signing up or creating their usernames! What would normally be a panic was actually pretty cool in my mind! THANKS everyone! Looking forward to next week’s live webinar.

For those that haven’t checked it out yet, learn more about my Inner Circle program.

MET Barriers

Leon Chaitow offers a nice discussion regarding the optimal barrier to begin muscle energy work. As always, Leon provides a well thought out and detailed post to help clinicians maximize their results with MET

Cuboid Mobilization to Improve Dorsiflexion

Bill Hartman, who I am glad is back writing articles on his website, has a video demonstration of cuboid mobilizations designed to enhance dorsiflexion restriction, something we all deal with frequently.

How to Avoid Common Running Injuries

I helped edit a a piece on about how to avoid common running injuries. This is geared more towards the consumer rather than the clinician, but I enjoy helping out, they have a nice website.